Connecting our common and uncommon threads.

As a long-term Seattle resident with a love of the arts and a doctorate in educational leadership, Mary Lloyd's appeal is immediate. The soul of Mary's substance, though, is her unflagging commitment to lifelong learning coupled with the breadth and depth of her experiences. She keeps her intellectual and professional passion burning by honing her skills, always reaching for new heights, and refusing to stand still.

As an undergrad, Mary minored in Art History. Not satisfied to learn from books alone, she toured museums across Europe to complement and enhance her education. She followed her BA Degree by teaching English in Taiwan for two years. Deciding to pursue additional education, she worked for a residential landscaping business to offset the cost of graduate school. During this period she developed garden curriculum, took classes in plant identification, sat on the board of Seattle Youth Garden Works, and volunteered for the Center for Urban Horticulture and the Hardy Fern Foundation. After a few years consulting in the arts community in Seattle and teaching at the University level, Mary took a year to intern at Chateau Ste Michelle, earned formative certification through the International Sommelier Guild, and went on to hold the position of Assistant Winemaker at EFESTE winery.

Mary has lived, traveled, and taught both domestically and internationally, seeking educational models that entwine the formal and the informal, the traditional and the experience-based, and use the theoretical and practical to inform one another. Mary weaves the principles of head, hands, and heart as the true base and spirit of everything she pursues.

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